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So here it is then It's what you really want to know. Does the Paleo Diet work? The funny thing is, I only became aware of the Paleo diet two weeks before Christmas 2012. However, I had inadvertantly been following it since May 2012, but only in part.

You see, at 91kgs, I was unhappy with my weight and belly fat and decided that I had to do something about it. My food intake up to that point consisted of pies, pasties chips and a ton of bread, albeit wholemeal bread. The occasional pub meal which was always something with chips.

I'm 66 years of age and over the years I have been on every diet known to man.
These often resulted in some success but invariably the weight came back on when I completed the diet.

Diets, as we understand them, I thought, is not the answer. The very word diet suggests that there will be an end point. No wonder the weight comes back on. You diet until you reach your ideal weight and then go back to how you eat before. Result, the weight comes back.

No, something else needed to be done. There was a call for a radical change in the way I eat.
I decided to ditch the chips pasties and bread. A difficult decision because I loved this kind of food. But it wasn't going to make me slim and get rid of all that ugly belly fat. I started eating much more fruit and vegetables. Voila, in five months I lost 10kgs in weight.

Hey I thought, I'm onto something here. Now I must admit I still had a few pieces of bread a week and still enjoyed chips now and again. But I still want to lose at least another 5kgs. I thought in my own mind that I had proved that these high carbohydrate foods were the problem but it wasn't until 2 weeks before Christmas I stumbled across the Paleo, or Caveman diet as its known. It shouldn't really be called a diet. It is a way of eating that you live by.

Not something to do for a couple of months and go back to the old way of eating. So here I am, following the Paleo way. Turns out according to the research that fat in your diet is not the enemy, it's refined carbohydrates. Yes, your bread (even healthy? wholemeal.)
pasta flour and all refined and processed foods are the real enemy.

Apart from losing the weight, I feel much better so I guess there must be health benefits to the Paleo way too. Well you can read the following articles and I'm sure you won't fail to be convinced by the arguments.

Anyway, why not read up, give it a try for 21 days and judge for yourself. That's the best way to find out.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you do try it, please let me know how you get on. You can also email me on http://paleoman470@gmail.com for more information and I'll do my best to answer your questions. If you email me I'll send you a FREE report on the Paleo diet.

Best wishes.

ps. Update... After being on this diet for a few months now, the athritis in my left wrist has gone. I had a small amount of psoriasis on my other hand which has also cleared. So there are other health benefits of eating the Paleo way as well as weight loss. See if some of your ailments disappear when YOU eat the Paleo way.

The Paleo Recipe Book

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